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This workshop series is the result of Annie Maney and Lila Meleisea’s shared vision to create an exciting 8 week program of events, bringing together an incredible group of local creators passionate about working within their community. This is the first Expressive Arts Workshop Series. It’s designed to connect with a broad reach of locals and offer a creative platform to just ‘be’. Where your creativity and spirit is nurtured, you can be yourself, be brave, try new things and connect with others. Following are details of the opportunities on offer, and a chance to meet some of our collaborators. Be sure to tune in regularly for updates on our program.

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expressive art workshop series create and illustrate

6 Week Series. All ages from beginners to experienced welcome.

Express yourself through the fun medium of sketch illustration, cartooning from life and imagination. Create your own avatar, draw a subject, experience another way of seeing. Created as a fun and safe social gathering of like minds with pen in hand.  All materials provided.  Come as you are.

Starts 30th October – 4th December

Fridays @ 10am – 12pm

Cost: $25

Facilitator: Marita Mangano

Phone: 0439208273


‘Once in a Blue Moon’ suggests a rare and magical event is taking place and what a wonderful way to celebrate such magic! How perfect this day when the veil between realities falls on a Sunday Sound Journey.  Super powerful with so much potential, this journey will be filled with opportunity to create deep change and transformation. Bring your own blanket, pillow, water and anything else to keep you comfortable as you will be lying down for around an hour. Bookings are essential.
Sunday 1st November
11am – 1pm

Cost: $20

Facilitator: Terese Tanner
Phone: 0422657782

SOUND JOURNEY Taurus Full Moon

Expressive Art - Sound Journey workshop


Expressive Art - Fermentation workshop

Learn the basics of how to ferment foods and how important they are in achieving a healthy diet and a strong immune system. Come and join us for a 3 hours hands on session making sauerkraut, sourdough, yogurt and labneh. We also look at how to make kefir and kombucha. At the end we get to have a light lunch using all the goodies which we have made.

Saturday 14th Nov

9:30 am – 12:30am

Cost: $55

Facilitator: Amaya Robertson BHSc (NUTMED)
Phone: 0433607444

Every Tuesday and Wednesday there will be different craft classes on offer.  These will include: Beginners Patchwork and Quilting; Freeform Stitching; Bag Making; Knitting and beginners art quilts. There will also be a special weekend Sculpture Workshop with Beth Berridge. Keep an eye out on Annie’s Cottage Craft facebook page, or pop into the shop for more details and class schedule.

Starts: 3rd November – 9th December

Tuesdays: 12:30pm – 5pm

Wednesdays: 9:30am – 4pm

Cost: From $15

Facilitator: Annie Maney with special guest facilitators.

Sculpture Workshop with Beth Berridge

Saturday 21st November – Sunday 22nd November @ 10am – 4:30pm

Phone: 0428882563

Annie's Cottage Crafts - Crafty Classes

Expressive Art - Annie's Cottage Crafts - Crafty Classes workshop


Expressive Art - Pilates Classes St Helens

Come and join Julie in this 6 week series of Pilates based mat classes.  A gentle blend of fascial release, breathwork and lengthening, and strengthening exercises. Beginners very welcome. Bring your own mat, or, mats and props provided.

Starts 4th November – 10th December

Wednesdays @ 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Thursdays @ 9:30am – 10:30am

Cost: $15

Facilitator: Julie Cameron
Phone: 0417380225

Yoga is for bodies of all shapes, sizes, ages or gender. You are invited to come and learn all the foundations of a Vinyasa and Yin Yoga class. This is designed for you – where you feel empowered to try new things, ask questions and have some fun with yoga.

Sunday 15th November

2pm – 4pm

Facilitator: Kim Kerton, Good Side of the Bed

Book through:


Expressive Art - Yoga St Helens



Join us for an afternoon just for the girls! Together we’ll enjoy a nurturing Flow Yoga class with Kim from Good Side of the Bed, followed by an engaging talk on all things ‘women’s business’ and Cycle Syncing with Naturopath Alexis Caird.

Sunday 29th November

2pm – 4pm

Facilitator:  Kim Kerton of Good Side of the Bed and Alexis Caird

Book through:

A fun session designed for children and parents together. We will be making glitter jars, moving and wriggling, drumming and singing, breathing deeply, and finishing off with a ‘sound bath’.  Introducing strategies to help self-regulate, calm the mind, still the body, and help you understand what’s going on in that little brain and body.
Saturday November 7th + 21st
10am – 11am

Cost: $20

Facilitator: Lila Meleisea

Phone: 0477436700


Expressive art EXPERIMENTAL DISCO workshop

Dance is a unique way to experience being in the moment and being with others. We’re filling the space with cranking tunes, so all welcome to come dance and play. BYO water – you’ll need it 😉

Friday 6th November + Friday 20th November
7pm – 9pm
Cost: $15
Facilitator: Cat Freeman

workshop series pop up

All bookings to be made directly through facilitator

April 2021

the facilitators

All bookings to be made directly through facilitator

Marita - Expressive Art Facilitator

Marita Mangano

Marita is a visual artist and musician who enjoys interacting with people.

Her 35 years of experience with practicing fine art, graphic design, cartooning and illustration offers a unique insight to help individuals and students explore their creative potential.

Marita draws inspiration from life, nature and human form as well as from the imagination.

What’s on offer for subject matter is limitless, vast, fun and rewarding.

In this workshop series, Marita will be offering the Illustrate and Create sessions.

Annies Cottage Crafts

Annie Maney

I started my shop here in St Helens 22 years ago with a passion for all sorts of craft and the desire to help others discover their creative side.

At Annie’s Cottage Crafts we stock a large range of Patchwork fabrics, patterns & kits, haberdashery, yarns and all sorts of other bits & pieces to inspire.

Trying something different whether it be craft or anything else can be really uplifting and empowering and we’re really looking forward to sharing and encouraging you through our upcoming workshop series. 

For information please contact Annie on 0428 882 563


Julie Cameron - Expressive Art Pilates Facilitator

Julie Cameron

Julie is a remedial bodywork and movement therapist with many years experience in health care. She studied to become a Pilates Instructor in 2011. Since then has explored many complimentary practices including fascial release and continuum. Her Pilates based mat classes are a gentle blend of facial
release, breathwork and lengthening, strengthening exercises.

Kim Kerton - Goodside of the Bed

Kim Kerton

In this workshop series Kim will be facilitating a Beginners Yoga Workshop as well as a Women’s Circle, where together with Naturopath Alexis Caird we’ll enjoy a Flow Yoga class and engaging chat on all things ‘Womens Business’. Learn more about Alexis here:

Lila Meleisea - Expressive Art

Lila Meleisea

Founding Expressive Art is the outward expression of my own creativity, which has more often than not ended up weaving its way into community work – intended to support happiness, health, wellbeing, and sense of connection for people I connect with. I choose to take a stand for positive change in the world, and start here with my local community.  I believe this venture, called Expressive Art, is really a co-creation between all who choose to be here – as fellow artists, educators, facilitators, participants, parents, partners, visitors, whoever! So, I am grateful for this opportunity to lead, learn from, and meet, more like minds, curious minds, and minds and bodies that need supporting.  I’m happy to walk alongside you on a creative path shared.

Amaya - Expressive Art Facilitator
Fermentation Workshop

Amaya Robertson

In a world where every second person is doing paleo, cutting out gluten or generally avoiding entire food groups, it seems the right diet advice can be hard to find. That’s where I can help. As a degree qualified and registered clinical nutritionist, I can provide individualised treatments that aim to support the body so that it can return to good health. This can be done through dietary modifications, nutraceutical supplements and lifestyle advice. I am passionate about food, cooking, gardening and love to share what I have learnt through my learning journey. Workshops are another way for me to share my passion where you can learn the art of fermentation, sourdough bread making and cooking with kids just to name a few. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to learn a bit more about what I do and how I may be able to help.

Terese Tanner - Expressive Art Facilitator

Tess Tanner

Terese Tanner is a Wellness Coach, Singer and Sacred Ceremony facilitator deeply rooted in creative and healing Shamanic practices. A lifelong student of Yoga and wellness, Terese brings Aquarian flow, Earth wisdom, Dragon Fire healing and much love to her offerings.

Bookings and enquiries:

Expressive Art facilitator Cat Freeman


Cat is a lover of dance and music in all its forms. She believes dancing is a powerful tool for discovery, creativity and healing. Lately Cat has been exploring ideas around the art and science of social dance and created a fun conglomerate experience she calls Experimental Disco.


All bookings to be made directly through facilitator

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