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Supporting your social, emotional and developmental needs. Nurturing greater health and wellbeing.

Our CREATIVE PATHWAYS PROGRAM is a niche program for women of all ages who need support building their emotional and social capacity to participate in their community with the skills and confidence they need. Our approach is collaborative so we work with our clients to custom create and design the program fitting their unique needs and goals.  An important focus is that the program must be meaningful, relevant, positive, and engaging, as we believe that true growth and sense of achievement and can come with these. 

Our program spans between 4 months a year including 20 -50 hours 1:1 with one or more of our creative team. 

Research tells us that engaging in the arts can be a powerful tool to help meet so many needs, including those with an autism spectrum diagnosis, ADHD, and those who experience a range of mental health challenges. We value the relationships we build with our clients and nurturing authentic trust and connection is important to us.

If you are an NDIS participant there is flexibility to claim through a number of different categories including

  • participate in your community in innovative, creative and meaningful ways;

  • celebrate and share your uniqueness through creativity with others, and feel comfortable just BEING YOU;

  • explore safe ways to express yourself

  • Help you communicate your ideas and emotions in positive and empowering ways

  • learn, develop and build your social, emotional, cognitive and/or physical capacity in a fun and nurturing environment

  • Develop fine and gross motor development and whole body coordination

  • Calm your mind and focus your attention on the positives in life.

Interested? Would you like to have a chat? Click here to book in a call with Lila

What you receive:


  • 10 – 50 hours of 1:1 mentoring with one or more of our professional arts practitioners;

  • Access to a range of select and client relevant Expressive Art community wellbeing courses and workshops; 

  • Planning sessions and onging communication and support from Lila throughout the program;

  • A Creative Portfolio as a record and documentation of your work and achievements;

  • Connections with Expressive Art community partners and programs;

  • Access and use of a range of art supplies and/or musical instruments including drums, guitar, ukulele, keyboard, percussion, and more;

  • End of project report, review, recommendations upon request for NDIA

How do I start?

Send us a message to book a call with Lila to find out if we are a good fit for you.

Then, if you decide to continue, we meet to explore the possibilities and then custom design your ideal program together including what expressive arts practices you would like to try, how we can help you build your capacity for social engagement and participate in your community and what new skills are important to you to develop.

If you are a parent or carer, we talk about what might be the best fit to suit the developmental goals, social or personal needs required. This might include learning an instrument, engaging in visual arts, creative writing, drumming or dance.

As professional arts practitioners ourselves, we absolutely know that engaging in the arts will benefit you in more ways that you can possibly imagine. Our team is here for YOU, we are passionate about our work, and very excited to share and work along side you, supporting you at every step, so you can discover and grow your unique creative potential.

Expressive Art has the ability to heal the mind and body, bring out the creativity you were born with, and help you reconnect within yourself and with others.

Being creative and courageous provides us with a pathway to grow and develop into our full human potential.
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