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We believe in the power of the expressive arts to HEAL the mind and body, INSPIRE creativity, and help us RECONNECT – with ourselves and each other.

We collaborate with artists, holistic practitioners, elders, educators and community to support greater health, happiness, joy and vitality in everybody. We use many mediums within the EXPRESSIVE, CREATIVE and HEALING arts as our vehicle. Music, drumming, visual arts, textiles, drama, sculpture, dance, movement, yoga, storytelling, poetry, bodywork, nutrition, wisdom circles, meditation. You name it, we know them all – as medicine for the soul.

Our home base is the north east coast of Tasmania, located within the Break O’ Day Municipality. We are on aboriginal land and acknowledge that the First Nations peoples of Tasmania have always been, are now, and will always be the Traditional custodians of this land.

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We are here to celebrate your UNIQUENESS, nurture your CREATIVE SPIRIT and accept YOU for who you are.

our signature programs are designed for

NDIS participants (youth / adults)
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Mental Health and Wellbeing support
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Mother and baby (birth - 24 weeks)
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Socially shy.
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We welcome referrals and social prescribing from allied health professionals, GPs, mental health care workers, educators, parents, and of course the most important person: YOU.

Expressive Art programs can complement any of your existing networks or offer you a creative alternative, helping you with:

Therapy support, physical, emotional, cognitive developmental support, social support and self care, anxiety and depression and loneliness.

signature programs

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baby being
Massage for baby, nurture for you. Learn the gifts baby massage, love and kindness. 6 week course
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rhythm being
Discover the power of rhythm to calm your mental chatter and body's stress. 6 week drum coaching course.
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creative + courageous
For people living with a disability looking for a creative challenge. Custom designed. 8 weeks or year long program.


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Discover the Art of Being with 8 weeks of Creativity and Community

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